I was a bit bored during the weekend and I saw an add that caught my attention. The add was regarding Animation Desk for the iPad which basically lets you do some fun simple animations.

About the app:

As stated above, it let’s you do some simple animations (well.. depends on the person behind the pen I guess) and is actually a good bit of fun. Not only for the kids but pretty much for everyone. I was having a laugh while doing very…. sophisticated animations. Animation Desk let’s you see what’s drawn in the two last ”piece of paper” to let you make more accurate animations. You can of course duplicate the paper (well, layer) and then change that one to make the animation look smooth. You get different size pencils and colors and a good overview of the canvas when using ”fullscreen”.

The verdict:

Its fun but it does lack some features. Smaller animations would be great to export to a .gif and not only movies. I wish also that you could ”move” what you’ve drawn. That would make animations more easy (moving backgrounds for example) but other than that, it fills its purpose.

Rate: 3 out 5 and the reason it doesn’t get a four is just simply because it doesn’t really make you urge to make an animation. But if you’re into doing animations, then I’m pretty sure you’ll find this better.


What would a short review be without a sample? (might not be visible since it’s on facebook. dunno if it’s ”locked” to my profile or not)

(Sorry about the swedish post but due swedish content, it felt unnessesary to post it in english)
Nu blir det en svensk post och inte bara det, även en spelrelaterad post. Anledningen till att det är på svenska är just för att jag castar matcherna på svenska och därmed känns det oväsentligt för alla icke svenskar.

Jag har kollat på många gamecasts i Starcraft2 och det är ju fantastiskt roligt att titta på. Så när Playing drog igång sin turnering (Tack Hamstinator för uppstyrandet) så ville jag självklart bidra med att kommentera matcher.

Här nedan är den första rundan av turneringen och därmed även de första gamecasts jag gör. Enjoy! 🙂

Match nr 1

Match nr 2

Google Buzz is out and most of you will see it just below your inbox. But since a lot of people already use Twitter, google would’ve made a huge mistake not to let users connect their twitter account to their google account. They did implement it but not as good as you would’ve hoped.

Anyway, once you click on the Buzz link, you’ll see your information on the top of the page and click on ”linked webplaces” ( mine says ”länkade webbplatser” ’cuase it’s on swedish).

You’ll get a list of supported webplaces you can connect too.

Choose what to connect too (in this case Twitter) and press the ”Add” button (”Lägg till” due swedish as mentioned before)

Then just fill in your twitter username and click ”Connect” (”Anslut” once again… swedish)

and you’re all set!

The silly thing about this is that you’ll never do an authentication with Twitter, you just grab a username, meaning that you can choose whomever’s twitter account. That would be silly but still. They’re just grabbing the users feeds and showing it on your buzz.

Anyways, it’s that simple but lets hope that we get a proper integration of Twitter in gmail – Buzz.

Googlewave invites arrive to those who wait, just like a Christmas gift 😛 But on a serious note. When you have a googlewave account, you eventually get a few invites to give away. I still have 10 to give away so just add a comment here (with your email ofc) and I’ll be sending one your way.

Goolewave to the people! Viva Google! 😛

NBC and youtube aint best friends, that’s no suprise. After Youtube posted some NBC videos they deleted their youtube channels and you will find it hard to find any NBC videos on youtube. Quite a shame since its free commercial for NBC but that’s not the point with this post.

Have you watch ”Dick in a box”? if not, then click here and go watch it first. Justin and Adam went and made a second video and this one is as funny as it gets 🙂 Only problem is that it’s quite hard to find a watchable video since NBC is killing it on youtube and their site requires you to be a US citizen. But Sevenload has saved the day. So enjoy!

Link: Mother Lover Justin Timberlake-Saturday Night Live