How to connect Twitter to your Google Buzz

Google Buzz is out and most of you will see it just below your inbox. But since a lot of people already use Twitter, google would’ve made a huge mistake not to let users connect their twitter account to their google account. They did implement it but not as good as you would’ve hoped.

Anyway, once you click on the Buzz link, you’ll see your information on the top of the page and click on ”linked webplaces” ( mine says ”länkade webbplatser” ’cuase it’s on swedish).

You’ll get a list of supported webplaces you can connect too.

Choose what to connect too (in this case Twitter) and press the ”Add” button (”Lägg till” due swedish as mentioned before)

Then just fill in your twitter username and click ”Connect” (”Anslut” once again… swedish)

and you’re all set!

The silly thing about this is that you’ll never do an authentication with Twitter, you just grab a username, meaning that you can choose whomever’s twitter account. That would be silly but still. They’re just grabbing the users feeds and showing it on your buzz.

Anyways, it’s that simple but lets hope that we get a proper integration of Twitter in gmail – Buzz.

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  1. Indeed! That’s pretty much what I said in the last part of the post. It’s not much of an integration, it’s more of showing (or actually anyones) feed right into your buzz. Let’s hope for some authentication so that we can have a true integration between the two platforms

  2. I also linked my twitter to my Buzz. But when I check buzz it never has my tweets. What I discovered was when someone (iJustine in this case) posts something on Twitter at 12:30 AM it won’t show up in Buzz until 5:49 AM. So it works but the lag is so long that it defeats the whole purpose of staying up to date.

    I don’t know if this is by design from Google to make sure people only use Buzz. Personally I think because it’s so new there are still bugs and kinks to work out. Hope this helps.


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