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Added a new woods map

by on aug.20, 2020, under tarkov

User /u/jkeyes98 recommended to add this beatiful map to the woods map section. It’s clean and sweet! Hope you all find it usefull!

7 Comments more... Patch notes – Escape from Tarkov

by on aug.13, 2020, under tarkov

● Optimizations of memory consumption.

● A bug with the grenade launcher’s load status.

● A bug with the glass shader (face shields).

● Error when purchasing items in exchange for dogtags.

● A bug when the character did not leave the location, after the reconnect at the ”train” exfil.

● Various fixes for bot behavior.

● Various bugs and problems on locations.

● Various minor bugs and problems.

● Fixed as well: A bug when the bitcoin price generation was not related to IRL price

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New maps on Customs and Shoreline by monkimonkimonk

by on aug.11, 2020, under tarkov

Not the shortest username but sure as hell makes great maps! I’ve changed the main map for shoreline to his version and also updated the customs map. Enjoy! And thank you /u/sK4r4 for the headsup on the update of the maps  ? 

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Patch Notes –

by on aug.03, 2020, under tarkov


  • A bug when scavs could attack through vehicles
  • A bug when skill levelling by continuously repeated actions, fatigue was not multiplying as intended
  • A bug with damage caused by grenade explosions through walls and ceilings
  • Displaying the price “999 999 999” when the product ran out of stock at the flea market
  • A bug with the sprint and overweight would level “strength” skill slower than it should
  • A bug when AI couldn’t hit leaning player
  • A bug when all AI in the area would rush and storm player’s position
  • A bug when AI would stop reloading his gun using ammo in his inventory
  • Error “Can’t enable ArmsAnimatorCommon. ArmsUpdateMode:Manual “
  • Error “NullReferenceException EFT.UI.DragAndDrop.TradingItemView.SetPrepareBorder”
  • Various issues in Sanitar boss and his guards behaviour
  • Other various errors and issues
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