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ClassFactoryException: ClassFactory not initialized After EPiServer 5 Migration

by on feb.11, 2009, under Developing

This is a common error to get after migration to EPiServer 5 and happens when you do the migration itself on a machine running IIS7, because the migration will make your web.config configured for IIS7, then when you take it to your developing machine that is running IIS6 you’ll get this error. What you need to do is take away the IIS7 settings and implement the IIS6 ones. Biggest difference is that IIS6 uses <system.web>(Integrated mode)  and IIS6 uses <system.webserver>(Classic mode).

IIS6 Example:

[sourcecode language=’xml’]


IIS7 example

[sourcecode language=’xml’]


The examples are taken from the EPiServer documentation and you can read more about this issue there.

Easy fix:

Easiest way for you to fix this is to simply install a new EPiServer 5 solution on your machine that is running IIS6, copy the web.config and add your specific changes to that web.config.

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Episerver Migration 4.62 to CMS5 r2 on SQL Server 2008

by on feb.06, 2009, under Developing

I wish that I had great things to say regarding running a migration using SQL Server 2008 but I don’t.

Strike One: I couldn’t run a simple EPiServer CMS5 installation to the sql server. I kept getting this error:

Error – User ’dbo’ does not have permission to run DBCC TRACEON

After some searching I came to the conclussion that the only thing one could do to override this is to give my user sysadmin rights. Something that not many customers fancy giving away.  But it did actually work and the insallation was successful.

Strike Two: With a fresh epi5 site installed and my original site upgraded to 4.62b and ready to rock, I started to run the migration tool. The Result? ”Migrating Data…” And nothing else. It didn’t really start the job and just died there. I even gaved it 12 hours (over the night) and nothing happened. I still had sysadmin rights so that wasn’t it.

Strike Three: With not much patience left I tried to do a workaround, i.e to backup the Databases and restored them on a 2005 machine, then do the migration and then back to the 2008 machine. The problem is that SQL Server doesn’t have backward compatibility 🙁

So basicly I’m going to reproduce everything on the 2005 machine and work from that one. Once done, I’ll do a backup and then restore that to the sql server 2008 and have the final product running on that one. Not the best solution.

I’ve a case open @ EPiServer and who knows, maybe they have a solution for this. I’ll be sure to post it once I get it.

Well, once I was doing all the work on the SQL Server 2005 machine, I encountered an error doing the migration itself. It was complaining about DTC transactions. Then it hit me, that the same thing might be whats wrong with the migration to the SQL Server2008. So I added the following settings and voilá! it worked!

I did notice that they had info about this on their Migration tool info page but the error itself never came up when doing the migration, except when I tried to run it against SQL Server 2005.

Hope this helps someone out 😛

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