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Ten Applications and six games on my Android HTC Hero

by on jan.27, 2010, under Android

It’s been over a month now and I’m truly loving my HTC Hero. We had a lab at work where we made a simple stepcounter for android and was a nice introduction into programing for android. But now I was thinking about sharing few of the application and games installed on my phone. Specially since you start off installing whatever comes your way just cause it’s fun and simple 🙂

Applications (in no significant order)

* Handcent SMS. Just a very very very nice sms app. Gives you a better overview, more settings, smilies an da nice quickreply window. Everyone has this one on their toplist and I just can’t help to have it there aswell 😛

*NewsRob: It’s not the best, but certainly a very comfortable and working application. This app synchronizes with your Google Reader account and also downloads the feeds, letting you browse them offline. This is great for people that lacks a flatrate deal on their phone or if you’re in a train and there are a lot of tunnels in the area 🙂

* Twidroid. I actually bought this app which is the one and only bought application on my phone, since we swede’s can’t buy anything from Android Store (PLEASE LET US!). This is a great Twitter client with a great widget and plenty of settings. You can also add several accounts incase you have an alter ego or some secret account.

* Taskpanel. Android takes well care of your phone and ends applications when it needs to free up memory. But for people that can’t really help themselves to have control over their phone, it’s great! Let’s you kill applications or even all of them with single tap.

* Ringdroid. This sweet little app let’s you cut and edit tunes on your phone, letting you create sweet signals, alerts… well, you name it! 🙂

* Spotify. Do I even need an explination? 🙂

* Eniro.se. This is a great application! it might steal some battery, I don’t know. But it’s worth it even if it does! Whenever you get an incoming call, if you don’t have the phone number as a contact, it will look the number up and give you a toast (androids tiny little window with a message) with who it is. It has been of great use!

* Market Suggest. This will look at what you have installed and search for stuff that you might like. I’ve actually found three apps (don’t use them THAT rarely though) and two games this way.

*Prisjakt. Just a simple awesome application. If you’re at Elgiganten or OnOff or whatever swedish store, remember to use this on whatever you are planning to buy. It’s really helpful!

* Soccer Livescore. Great app to follow live scores on football games played all over the world.

Games (in no significant order)

* Gem Miner. Great game and a great timekiller 🙂 You play as a little gem miner and you just dig dig dig dig. You have to use different tools like ladders, pillars, elevators and much more. Really fun!

* Monkey Kick Off. Simple but fun game! Kick a coconut as far as you can 🙂

* Jewels. Old faithful. Great game, simple as that 🙂

* Papi Jump. Try it! first you might think ”wth is this??” but it’s addictive!

* Zebra Paint. My kids loves this game. Whenever we’re somewhere and their attention level is set on HIGH, then this game comes like a gift from heaven 🙂

* 2 player reactor. This is a GREAT game. lots of minigames that you can play against someone else. I really recommend this one.

The reason why I have these applications and games on ”my list” is because I truly use them all. Some several times per hour, some per day and some per week. Sure, I think I’ve over 100 different things installed but the majority are used just once in awhile. I hope that you can find any of these tip useful and find your new favorite app/game 🙂

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