SlideME, Solution to buy Android apps in non-market countries

So you have an Android phone but can’t buy a single application? Some app creaters have made it possible to let you buy the game on their website and then enter the key yourself. But the people over at SlideME did a very nice solution for all of us that wants to buy apps and can’t wait until we can get it (hopefully in march)

It’s very very handy. All you need to do is register an account at their website and add your creditcard to it. Download Mobentoo Marketplace, install it and just browse around, pretty much like Android Market, but this one has atleast sorting and better category overview.

This will open up quite a few apps and games for you at affordable prices. Most of the games and apps go for $0.99, but the ”better” ones go for between 2-4 dollars.

I bought Speed Force 3D and it works incredibly great! Smooth installation and no need to enter the key myself. Also, SlideME will give you access to all your transactions through their website and also the possibility to browse the market directly from the webpage.

Anyways, I truly recommend this solution for all you Android users that just don’t have patience enough (like me 🙂 )

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