My Android games of 2012

by on dec.30, 2012, under Android, Gaming

So I got a sweet little Samsung S3 4g in november, which makes this post pretty silly, naming it games of 2012. But then again I’ve searched a bit and bought the games I fancy in 2012 and even if I’ve enjoyed my phone for just a month, I still have had the opportunity to download games that has been released in 2012 🙂

Here it goes:

*Gravity Guy 3/5
Kinda fun. Gets boring after awhile but multiplayer is great when riding train with the kids for example.

*Fruit Ninja 3/5
It delivers. Nothing fancy, but it kills time and can also be a bit relaxing

* Where’s my Perry 3/5
Kids love it, I’vent played it so much to be honest. But the little I have was enjoyable.

* Doodle Jump 3/5
Giving lots of games 3 out of 5. I kinda uninstall games if I don’t like em so the list will probably be atleast 3/5 🙂 Doodle jump is a sweet game and one of the best when it comes to kill some time.

* Unblock me 4/5
Love this game. I play this game so much. Sometimes you get stuck and just start fiddling around and TADAA you solve one level. I Simply love it.

* Pen and Paper 4/5
Great game for the ones that like RPG games and specially the old pen and paper. You play a bunch of people playing p&p so you get to play them playing 🙂 Great humor and a nice game for a low price.

* Angry Birds Star Wars 4/5
Doubt this games needs an explination. The StarWars version is really good. Get it.

* Temple run 4/5
Free game. Excellent. Specially for being free. But for some reason I prefer to play it on my Transformer (tablet) than my Samsung

*Babel Rising 3/5
I love aa good tower defense game and I was looking for one on android. There are plenty but for some reason I picked this one. It’s kinda cool and the idea is great. But the controls are a little bit jerky and it’s annoying when you have a long cooldown on a spell and it fires off comepletly wrong. Eventhough I’m sure that I pressed as I should have.

* Jetpack Joyride 4/5
Great game. Unlocked pretty much all achievements and it’s great fun. Burned a lot of hours playing this game 🙂 And mostly due the achievements because the first runthrough didn’t take that long.

* Dead Trigger 4/5
I guess I should give this game a 5. Mostly because it’s actually free and the graphics are stunning. But I seriously think that FPS games on handheld devices are completly worthless and I have as of today, never found a game that I actually enjoy. BUT for the people that likes FPS, this is a must have!

* Another World 4/5
Awesome game! Takes you back to the 90s and it’s simply awesome. If you played this game back in the days, just buy it for the sake of it! if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it anyway.

* Waking Mars 5/5
Masterpiece! Simply Brilliant game! The first part of the game feels a bit slow but then you get into it and you can’t let it go. Burned a lot of battery on this game and it’s simply such a well made game. I just love the fact for example that you can crawl with your little character. Most games just have a character running around and you get all pissed off that you can’t crawl or jump. This little guy will do anything. Recommend this game completly

* Ruzzle 5/5
Seriosuly… best competitive game out there. Playing this a lot, mostly against my wife and its just tons of fun. Several late nights cause we were just gonna ”play one more game” and it ends up being 10 more games. Tons of fun!

* quizkampen 3/5
Swedish game as ”who wants to be a millionere” kinda type. You get three questions, each question has four alternatives and you do this for 8 rounds ( I think ). It’s fun at first but it gets kinda old pretty quick, but you do get to learn some stuff 🙂

Well, that’s about it. I’m sure that there are better games out there, and if I’m missing some of them, please do tell me! Maybe I’m wrong about FPS games? 🙂

Happy New Year!

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