iPhone tips from an iPhone newbie: Send multiple-sms

So I just got my very first iPhone (iPhone 4) and being an android user I found some stuff to be rather… difficult and uncomfortable. Anyway, I was trying to send multiple-sms telling some of my contacts and as soon as I added another contact, it changed to ”Group-mms”. I didn’t notice this so I just sent it away and most of the people don’t even have MMS enabled, recieving just a message that I sent them an MMS.

What you need to do is go to Settings > Messages and turn off MMS. Then it will send multiple-sms. Feels really really silly to have to turn off a feature to use another. And if anyone knows a better and smoother way please do let me know 🙂

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  1. Hey Rizo,

    Not sure what’s going on there – I’ve never had trouble sending multiple SMS, and I don’t have MMS disabled. I do, however, have ’Show subject field’ set to off. When this feature is set to on, the messaging app allows you to enter a subject for the message, and if you do enter one then it will assume you are sending an MMS (as SMS does not support a subject line). Maybe this is what was happening?

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