Arf…. midnight and train. That’s about it. I’m way too intoxicated right now to wirte something that makes sence. Still, I feel like writing something. And see! I’m actually typing without any errors whatsoever! Or atleast I would like to think so. Ugm….. thats about it.

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  1. I do indeed tweet… with you as a metatr of fact! I only recently started to use Twitter, after the Disney Social Media Moms Conference – they talked me into it. :-)I tweet my blog posts, enter giveaways, retweet interesting things I see, and I have made some friends by just talking with some wonderful people I have met on Twitter.

  2. Jag var de4r o e5t pe5 kve4llen i bf6rjan av juni ff6rra e5ret,vi bokade inte-men hade nog tur;) Je4ttemysigt ste4lle!! Dock lite be4ttre pris under lcunhen,se5 det satsar jag pe5 nu i maj ne4r jag ska dit:)

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