As always, Battlestate enjoys changing stuff without telling us. And it’s actually a good thing. I enjoy finding out changes as they come and not on a generic patch notes list. There’s been some changes to hideout crafting as well and sadly a barter that we all loved has been removed. Two hotrods for a stack of BS ammo.

There is a lot of great content out there for Escape from Tarkov, specially when it comes to loot and guides for maps. I’ve gathered some recommended videos for each of the maps, giving you stash locations, walk-throughs and much more.

If you think that I’ve missed a specific great video for a specific map or perhaps have suggestions for content? Let me know!

Find someone new to follow on Twitch or just go in it for the sweet sweet loot! Either way, BFT has enabled great Drops from 11th of june until 22th!

You need to link your twitch account to your Tarkov Profile (link to an image of the profile page) and just watch a stream!

Not all the streams will give you drops though. Here’s the official list. Just choose the day and pick one of the many streamers that have drops enabled that day.

I’m very glad that people are finding their way to Tarkov-Helper and using it more and more. I’m taking it a step forward and adding a news section to the page. Patch notes, new features and such will be posted here as soon as I possibly can 🙂


Största utmaningen kommer att vara att skriva ner träningen 🙂 Man hittar på massa annat efter träningen och glömmer bort att bokföra. Missade igår, så nu sitter jag här innan dagens pass och skriver ner gårdagens träning.


Giant set x3
– Barbell Deadlift x10
– Dumbbell Bent Over Row x10
– Barbell Shrugs
Giant set x3
– Chip ups x10
– Reverse Grip Lat PullDown
– Cable Seated Row
Dumbbell Standing Calf Raises 3×10


Idag gick vi upp lite tidigare för en besiktningsman skulle komma och kolla på vårat kök kl 7.30. Vi har nämligen fått vattenskada under diskmaskin, perfekt sådär inför semester.

blev iaf axlar idag och det är ju utan tvekan min svagaste muskelgrupp. Shit va man får kämpa här.

Cable Reverse Fly 3×15,10,10
Dumbbell Bent Over Delt Raise 3×15,10,10
Barbell Standing Military Press 3×15,10,10
Bus Driver 3×15,10,10
Dumbbell Shoulder Shrug 3×15,10,10
Weighted Sit ups 3×20,10,10

Tisdag och Torsdag så öppnar gymmet 9.30 och medans vi fortfarande jobbar så blir det helt enkelt ingen träning dom dagarna, så et blir vilodagar där istället och så kör vi på under helgen.

Idag var det armar och det kändes rejält!

Cable Standing Bicep Curls 3×10,5,5
Dumbbell One Arm Preacher Curl 3×10,5,5
Dumbbell Hammer Curls 3×10,5,5
Cable Seated Cable Overhead Pulls 3×10,5,5
Barbell Triceps Extension 3×10,5,5
Close Tricep Pushups 3×20,10,10 (bänk, fötter, knä)