The error named on the heading might look something like this:


And you’ll get it when you try to upgrade any kind of Episerver 4.x to 4.62b which is most likely to be done due an upgrade to Episerver CMS5.

Anyway, this error will appear because the installer can’t find the right .net framework that is installed in the machine. I’m sure that there are plenty of fix for this, but the easiest and fastest of them is to simply remove the 3.0 and 3.5 folders from the framework folder (most likely to be C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFramework). Just drag them to the Desktop or something. Then run the Upgrade again and Voilá! Just remember to put the 3.0 and 3.5 folders back in the framework folder.

Here’s a nice list of five popular CSS frameworks and also what you need to get started using them. A Quote from the article:

Main features of good CSS Framework is to 1) rapidly speed up our development time, 2) should have a very small size, 3) have good documentation and tutorials and 4) have clean grid structure. You will need a basic understanding of the CSS framework you are going to use to understand why and how things get solved.

Google is perfect, the people running it aren’t. Apperantly the bug they had was caused by a human error and therefor nothing wrong with Google itself. Atleast that’s what they say and most likely could be. Google also seemed to blame one of their partners but that wasn’t the case, it was just a bad written blogpost that made people think that way. Anyway, the error was as I said of a human kind here’s Googles explanation for what happened.

Well it’s about time innit? I think its awful what the icelandic people have been going through the last few months and I’m releaved that they’ll be joining EU and hopefully getting everything sorted. It’s a bit late and I’m dead tired but I couldn’t resist to post about this when I saw the headlines just when I was about to shut down the laptop.

Great news for Iceland and lets hope we can travel there easier (read cheaper) ’cause it’s a really fun place to be at 🙂 It might take awhile, I read 2011 somewhere but atleast its a glimpse of hope.

Deadlinks is a common problem for many pages. Not only that, people try to sneak into some pages where they aren’t supposed to be and so on. The 404 page is viewed more often than not and why not make it look nice? Smashing Magazine has gathered 40 nice looking 404 pages that makes your wrong step worth the while. Thanx to IDG for spotting this article, it sure is nice to check them out 🙂

Might aswell add Dramatens 404 page cause it’s not in the article and it sure is worth a look 🙂

ps. I made during my time @ creuna. And the person behind the 404 page is Fredric Marcus.

I dagens finanskris ville Stockholm City påpeka att än finns det företag som anställer och arbetsmarknader som fortfarande blommar. I samband med detta så intervjade de mig angående mitt jobb på Valtech och lite olika tankar om dagens finanskris. Ni kan läsa det på dagens Stockholm City och om ni inte får tag på en tidning går det fint fint att ladda hem den i PDF form. Artikeln finns på sida 34 och 35.

Tråkigt nog så stavades mitt namn fel vid ”Luis Rizos fem tips” och det blev istället Risos… nåja, shit happens 🙂

Amazing game. Could actually be one of the best FM games so far I’ve had with my Leeds and for the record, I’ve won with 5-1 and 4-1 against Chelsea and totally hammered Fulham (which are quite good in my game) with 6-1 (I even got a videoclip of the goals which I might upload later on). But this game was intense! And not only that, it showed me how great the FM 09 engine really is.

I don’t wanna spoil it at all so I’ll just let you download the match file and let you look at it. But what I really fancy, without spoiling the game, is how ”fast freekicks” are taken. It really reminds me of Henry when he played in Arsenal and he took the freekick when noone was expecting it. It has never happened to me in FM and it did now. Its worth the look!

Apperance is everything. That’s pretty much what goes around. Great SEO, cache and performance does often fall in the shadow of apperance, but that doens’t need to mean that pages that have great SEO, cache and performance have to look ugly. One trick to make a website look nice and trendy is to put your time on making a nice menu, but make sure to have a good fallback because  apperance alone wont take you far.

Anyways, over at devsnippets, you can find ten great technices on how to make your multi-level menus look great using jquery, mootools and some other goodies.

From now on I’ll be sitting at our customers office during an episerver upgrade and with that comes a newly installed computer that needs to be customized for my likings. First things first and that is to install firefox. I just can’t work without it. Then the six add-ons that I install at once.

Web Developer: Because without it it would be a nightmare to do frontend job
Firebug: Because without this one it would be even worse! Firebug will let you fiddle around as much as you want with the elements of the page, aswell as show you the classes and what might be causing the errors you’re trying to find.
Yslow: Perfect add-on that will let you see a good overview over the items being loaded and the time it takes to load them up.
All-in-one Gestures: Once you start, you can’t stop. I love mouse gestures, they speed up things so much and are just so comfortable to use. The only downside is to use browsers that don’t support them and you keep rightclicking like a fool until you notice that it wont open up a new tab.
adblock plus: Cause I hate all ads. I truly truly do.
FireFTP: Perfect ftp client embedded to firefox. Best part is if you need to edit documents, you can just open them up with your favourite editor and when you save the document, it uploads it at once so there’s no need for you to click ”upload” or anything once you’ve done your changes. I’m sure that other ftp clients support this but its always some setting that you have to find. This is by default and I simply love it.

There are many more add-ons that are worth installing but these ones are just simply the ones I cannot be without. Actually, there is one more that would make it the seventh must have add-on. That is HTML Validator. But since its PC only it wont really make my must-have list. But if you’re on a PC, its really well worth the download