Sometimes backgrounds will be visible using firefox but not IE7 which makes you wonder…. why?

The reason is pretty simple. CSS needs to be perfect for IE to understand them.

A perfect example would be.


background:#fff url(picture.jpg)no-repeat;


That piece of CSS will work on Firefox but not on IE7 (funny thing is that it MIGHT work on IE7 but it wont most of the time)




This will on the other hand work. As you can see, they have the same content, just a different layout.

You can of course put it in one row but make sure to have the right format, otherwise you’ll still have the same problem.


background:#fff url(picture.jpg) no-repeat;


As you can see, the only difference is the space between ”.jpg)” and ”no-repeat”

Try this page with both Firefox and IE7 and you’ll see that IE7 won’t show the background, but Firefox will.

Fifa has released an addon to Fifa 09 called Ultimate Team. I have to say that it is by far one of the most fun things I’ve played, period. Why? Because not only do you get to create your own team, you get to collect cards, just like when I was a little kid. I actually feel like buying a new collecting album and fill it up but they dont sell them this days… but maybe for EM? 🙂

Anyway, you get to build your own team and you have to think about different things to make your team work well together. You can’t just put up 11 of the best players in the world cause they might play worse than a two star team. Why? Chemistry ladies and gentlemen, chemistry.The players prefered formation, nationality, position and morale all affect the chemistry. Players have contracts that are actually amount of games they can play. A contract lenght of 4 means 4 games. So you’ll need to collect Contract cards. You also need staff to improve your players and they also need contract renewel. You can improve players and also heal them when they get injured.

When you play games, you get rewarded with coins. Winning, good stats, finishing a game and so forth will give you coins. The better you play the more coins you get and with these coins you buy your packs.

And this is my current team:

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team

Very sweet edition. I just got Erik Edman in a bargain so now I’ve three swedish defenders, pushing up my chemistry to 67 😀

Thought I would give this tool a chance. Yesterday I upgraded my MSN messenger and along with it, Windows Live Writer. You could choose from a few more applications but to be honest, they all seemed rubish, all except WLW that is. So after a few settings on my blog and WLW it seems to be up and running. I gotta say, its really comfortable to post like this and it gives you pretty much free hands to do whatever you wish with the post.  The “Review” function is really nice too since it renders how it will look once posted, not only this post. Much like using the normal admin page.

So far, I find this tool very nice and helpful.

Oh, I almost forgot. You can add categories aswell with the tool. I recommend it to all Word Press users.

This error happens after a migration to EPiServer CMS 5 r2 when you try to change the password of a user or possibly create a user. The error is very missleading and has nothing to do at all with the role nor membershipprovider. The error is actually a very simple one.

Another user is using the email that you are providing or your user does not have an email at the moment.

All you need to do is either delete one of the users or change the mail adress of one of the users in order to ”lock them up” and be able to change the password.

An ex colleague of mine has started up a blog regarding flashdeveloping in AS3. Robert is a very talented flash developer with a huge portfolio on his back. If you fancy Flash developing, then head over to his blog and bookmark it. The link can also be found on the right column of the page

During a makeover of a site I ran into a great site which puts up what that  has been removed from strict xhtml and also a very good overview of all elements and attributes for different doctypes. You can search or browse all elements and see which attributes that are allowed which is of great help when you’re cleaning up a site that uses old attributes. Great example is ”accesskey” which is still allowed in href, labels and a few more, but not in header elements and so forth. Go over there and make sure to bookmark it!

*edit* Thanks Jonatan, what a misstake I made 🙂 the links are now correct

So during an upgrade to EPiServer 5, I ran into this problem where the culture was wrong and all translations were being translated to English instead of Swedish, this even though the web.config was correctly changed to ”sv-SE”.

After som trial and error I got to set the culture in onpreinit in the a class that inherits templatepage like this


The problem was that only the dates were being formatted correctly, but the translation was still wrong. CurrentPage.LanguageID was not of much help either as it was set to english. At last I found out that you just need to send the short version of the culture to make it work. i.e


This did the trick and now everything is in the right format.