Mar 4 2012

Videorecension av ”Zombies, Run!”

Så, jag kunde inte låta bli. Jag tyckte att 55 kr var för mycket för en zombie app. Har testat några förut och inte varit särskilt imponerad men jag kunde inte låta bli att testa även denna, trots den häftiga prislappen. Och för att försöka få Zombie känslan så kör jag en videorecension när jag provar appen för första gången i en joggningsrunda (som råkade bli mycket längre än jag velat).

Recensionen har några spoilers, så om ni vill vara 100% ovetande om appen, strunta i att kolla på videon, jag är försiktig dock med att försöka hålla spoilercount låg samt att jag varnar varje gång jag kommer att spoila något från storyn.

Kameran är skakig, ljudet ansträngt, jag är svettig, let’s do this!

(Om filmen inte syns så kan man hitta den här:

Lite bilder på resultatet av springrundan, som lovat 🙂

Samtliga föremål man hittar använder man för att uppgradera sin stad. Som ni kan se på bild 2 så är min ”Housing” level2 nu efter att ha plockat många kalsonger och sport BHn.

Det är en inte en klar femma, men det är utan tvekan en stark fyra! Jag kände mig en aning vilse i storyn två gånger, samt att jag förstod egentligen aldrig att det är ”en mission per springrunda”… tror jag iaf. Lite mera bekräftelse hade varit toppen, och om koppling till runkeeper kommer (enligt utvecklarna så ligger den i backloggen) så blir det onekligen mycket bättre! Min stad har numera 78 invånare och vi får se om den kommer att fortsätta växa 🙂

Sep 21 2009

IIS7 Session problems – Worker Processes & Web Garden

We’ve had huge problems with the testserver. It first felt like a cache problem, because when you updated the content and hit refresh several times, you saw the changes and then you didn’t. Also, pages that were dependant on session state were giving null expressions since the state was empty sometimes.

The problem was in the Application Pool. DefaultAppPool was for some odd reason by default set to 3 worker processes which makes it a web garden (used for load-balancing) and this caused the user to get the errors mentioned above, since only one of the worker process actually had a valid session, the others didn’t.


Jun 5 2009

EPiServer CMS5 Categories Dissapearing when saving

One of our customers found a little annoying bug when publishing news to their page.

The bug goes as following:

News page type contains a few categories as well as an extra date field to point out the news date (in case you don’t want to use the publishing date and want to use your own) and it’s required as well.

You forget to fill out the news date,  but fill everything else up, including choosing which categories the news should belong too and then hit Save and Publish.

EPiServer will do a postback and warn you about not filling in the news date. If you at this moment check the categories, you’ll see that they are still clicked in, you fill in the date and hit save and publish once more.

The news will be posted but without the categories as EPiServer will lose the values on the postback but still show them as checked.

This is a verified bug from EPiServer and hopefully to be fixed in an upcoming version.

Apr 15 2009, design tips for wordpress and much more

I found this page through bloggy and would like to share it. Videoblogs regarding wordpress for designers and much more. Truly worth to follow.

Mar 6 2009

Hackers aiming for Mac, and Firefox having too many security issues

IDG had two very interesting articles regarding the security issues of Firefox and Mac and mobile platforms being in the hackers aim from now on. There has always been a feeling of security using a mac cause ”the virus is for pc anyway” but that might change soon enough.

You can find the articles here and here, mind you, they are swedish.

Feb 27 2009

Spotify on iPhone and Linux

One more reason for me to get me an iPhone.  Spotify is on the way for iPhones out there and that’s just something I know my HTC Diamond will never get.

Also, has released their despotify which is an open source spotify client. This could cause problems but also open up new opportunities, for example letting linux based computers use this great service.

Feb 23 2009

Great Youtube movie: Signs

Fantastic movie and the guy is a really good actor. One can seriously feel his anxiety.

Feb 23 2009

Webbased MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber and so on

I’m truly impressed with The page will give you access to pretty much every chat protocol out there. Since my Tele2 3g modem is totally worthless and I pretty much never get it to work, I needed to find a web based msn. A colleague of mine recomeded it and its truly easy to use. Other webbased msn always keep opening new windows for each chatwindow and its really slow aswell. Meebo simply opens the chatwindows within the page (which is pretty much like a desktop) and gives you a nice overview of them. There’s no slowdown either, it feels pretty much like a stand-alone client.

Thumbs up!

Feb 3 2009

Little info about Googles ”crash” on saturday

Google is perfect, the people running it aren’t. Apperantly the bug they had was caused by a human error and therefor nothing wrong with Google itself. Atleast that’s what they say and most likely could be. Google also seemed to blame one of their partners but that wasn’t the case, it was just a bad written blogpost that made people think that way. Anyway, the error was as I said of a human kind here’s Googles explanation for what happened.

Jan 31 2009

Iceland Joining EU

Well it’s about time innit? I think its awful what the icelandic people have been going through the last few months and I’m releaved that they’ll be joining EU and hopefully getting everything sorted. It’s a bit late and I’m dead tired but I couldn’t resist to post about this when I saw the headlines just when I was about to shut down the laptop.

Great news for Iceland and lets hope we can travel there easier (read cheaper) ‘cause it’s a really fun place to be at 🙂 It might take awhile, I read 2011 somewhere but atleast its a glimpse of hope.