Sometimes backgrounds will be visible using firefox but not IE7 which makes you wonder…. why?

The reason is pretty simple. CSS needs to be perfect for IE to understand them.

A perfect example would be.


background:#fff url(picture.jpg)no-repeat;


That piece of CSS will work on Firefox but not on IE7 (funny thing is that it MIGHT work on IE7 but it wont most of the time)




This will on the other hand work. As you can see, they have the same content, just a different layout.

You can of course put it in one row but make sure to have the right format, otherwise you’ll still have the same problem.


background:#fff url(picture.jpg) no-repeat;


As you can see, the only difference is the space between ”.jpg)” and ”no-repeat”

Try this page with both Firefox and IE7 and you’ll see that IE7 won’t show the background, but Firefox will.

Here’s a nice list of five popular CSS frameworks and also what you need to get started using them. A Quote from the article:

Main features of good CSS Framework is to 1) rapidly speed up our development time, 2) should have a very small size, 3) have good documentation and tutorials and 4) have clean grid structure. You will need a basic understanding of the CSS framework you are going to use to understand why and how things get solved.

Deadlinks is a common problem for many pages. Not only that, people try to sneak into some pages where they aren’t supposed to be and so on. The 404 page is viewed more often than not and why not make it look nice? Smashing Magazine has gathered 40 nice looking 404 pages that makes your wrong step worth the while. Thanx to IDG for spotting this article, it sure is nice to check them out 🙂

Might aswell add Dramatens 404 page cause it’s not in the article and it sure is worth a look 🙂

ps. I made during my time @ creuna. And the person behind the 404 page is Fredric Marcus.

Apperance is everything. That’s pretty much what goes around. Great SEO, cache and performance does often fall in the shadow of apperance, but that doens’t need to mean that pages that have great SEO, cache and performance have to look ugly. One trick to make a website look nice and trendy is to put your time on making a nice menu, but make sure to have a good fallback because  apperance alone wont take you far.

Anyways, over at devsnippets, you can find ten great technices on how to make your multi-level menus look great using jquery, mootools and some other goodies.